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When it comes to male enhancement products, VigRx, with the various VigRX Plus Discount packages, is currently one of the most touted items out in the market. It bears promise as a successful tool in helping boost the male sexual prowess.

What VigRX Can Do

The product promises several advantages for the user:

  • Firmer erections
  • Longer lasting erections
  • Additional sexual stamina
  • Clinically tested and proven

The product promises to trigger results in as little as 14 days. Within this time, males will find themselves gaining new stamina and vitality in bed and having better orgasms each time. For best results however, males are advised to use the product for 60 to 90 days and benefit from ALL the effects of VigRX. To better serve all types of buyers, the sellers of this product has made it more accessible online and providing multiple options for the purchase. That being said, following are the different VigRX discount packages available today!

VigRX Discount Packages

The product comes in different packages, allowing individuals to choose the set that best fits their current needs. Following are the different packages that are being sold today.

  • 1 Months Supply – costing at $76.99, the package is the most basic available today. Aside from the one month supply, it offers a money back guarantee for buyers. It’s the perfect set for males who are buying for the first time.
  • 2 Months Supply – this set is currently being sold at a small price of $143.99 only. It also comes with a money-back guarantee for buyers.
  • 3 Months Supply – for a supply of 3 months, the product is being sold for $205.99. It goes without saying that this offers a cheaper price per pack compared to the 1-month and 2-month supply.
  • 4 Months Package (4 Months Supply) – the Silver VigRX Plus discount Package offers a 4 month supply of VigRx along with several bonuses! Aside from the money back guarantee, buyers will also get a Natural Health Source Gift Card worth $25 and an Erection Fitness Website Membership. The Silver Package goes for $267.99 in all + extra 10% Off with coupon code.
  • Silver Package (5 Months Supply) – slightly better than the Silver type, the Gold Package offers all the bonuses given in the Silver. However, the Gold VigRX Plus discount supply is more extensive, covering up to 5 months of use. Not only that, but aside from the three bonuses, buyers will get an additional Bottle of Semenax Volume Enhancer. So that’s three bonuses in all: the CD for Men, the Erection Fitness Website Membership, the $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card and the Semenax Volume Enhancer. To top it off, the package is covered by the 60 day money back guarantee! This costs $329.99 only + extra 10% Off with promo code.
  • Gold Package (6 Months Supply) – offering six months of VigRX supply, the Platinum VigRX Plus promo set has a price tag of $384.99 + extra 10% Off with discount code. It comes with the following bonuses: Semenax Volume Enhancer, Erection Fitness Website Membership, $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card and a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Platinum Package (12 Months Supply) – the ultimate set for VigRX users, the Diamond Package comes at a cost of $489.99 for a ONE YEAR SUPPLY + extra 10% Off with coupon code. Broken down, that’s only $41 per month, making it even cheaper than the one-month supply. Like the others, the Diamond Package comes with several bonuses, all designed to provide better and faster results for the buyer. Bonuses include $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card, Semenax Volume Enhancer, and Erection Fitness Website Membership. The 60 day money back guarantee still applies.

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The bonuses themselves are worth a mint in the market but are available through the product completely for free. As the package choice increases, buyers will also avail of better VigRX Plus specials, allowing them to save more on the purchase.

All three bonuses are carefully selected to help with male enhancement. Together with the product, they will boost the male sexual prowess, ensuring that users will be much more impressive in bed. Aside from giving stronger erections, males will also find themselves experiencing better orgasms. VigRX is specially formulated to help with stamina, allowing users to go for several rounds and please their partner all throughout the night.

VigRX Plus Safety & Delivery

The product has already been clinically tested and proven to provide male enhancement benefits. Side effects have already been considered and eliminated, ensuring that males will experience no ill effects with this product. In fact, results only get better and better as the use continues, reaching its peak after 60 to 90 days from start. The bonuses have also been tested and proven by their respective manufacturers, further boosting the effects without putting the user’s health in jeopardy. Made only from safe ingredients that have been individually tested, VigRX contains a formulation that is completely NATURAL.

The product is delivered in discreet packaging all over different countries. This should dispel any worries people may have over placing an order. Payment options are also varied ranging from PayPal to credit cards. This should make the purchasing process easier for individuals. The ecommerce website comes with a sophisticated encryption system that prevents anyone else from accessing client information. This ensures that all orders made are confidential as well as the payment option.

Money Back Guarantee

Aside from VigRX Plus specials, buyers will also be glad to know that the product offers a 67 day money back guarantee. Should the user find himself dissatisfied with the results of the product, the seller would be more than happy to return the initial payment within 60 days of ordering. The guarantee is available for ALL product packages.

The VigRX product offers not only satisfying results but also acceptable prices within budget. With excellent feedback about the product, it isn’t surprising that many males are placing an order right now. Don’t be left behind and become a formidable lover EVERY NIGHT! For those who are feeling skeptical, try purchasing the one-month supply first to get an idea of how it works. For more information about VigRX Plus discount packages, interested buyers are advised to check out the official website. Don't forget to get your VigRX Plus Coupon Code